by Ellyse Enjay

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Chocolate Making Kits for Adults

Dark Chocolate Truffle Kit, Makes 21 Truffles

This dark chocolate truffle kit shows how to make a silky smooth fresh cream ganache using 67% Madagascan origin chocolate. 

The truffles are dipped in Belgian dark chocolate and rolled in chocolate flakes to create luxurious dark truffles.



Milk Chocolate Break Up Bar Kit


An exciting and fun chocolate making kit for adults or children to make their own chunky chocolate bars! The bars break up into 8 cubes so you get a bit of everything in each bite!

The perfect present for anyone who loves chocolate!

The milk chocolate Break Up Bar Kit is great for adults and children. 

Makes two 200g chunky milk chocolate bars

-  Rocky Road bursting with marshmallows, biscuit pieces and popping candy

-  Honeycomb and orange bar using intense Taura gourmet fruit pieces. 


Dark Chocolate Break Up Bar Kit
Have fun making and sharing these classic Belgian dark chocolate bars Everything you need to create two 200g bars, a cool mint crunch and one with hazelnuts and cranberries. A real treat for lovers of dark chocolate
Makes two 200g chunky dark chocolate bars
- Cool Mint Crunch bar using mint sugar crunches 
- A bar with the perfect combination of roasted hazelnuts and cranberries.