Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Wedding Favours

A non-refundable deposit of £20 is required to secure prices and any discount agreed.

Final confirmation of numbers of guest, Favour Box Type and Chocolates will be required 4 months before the Wedding Date.

Full payment is required no later than 3 months before the Wedding Date.

We reserve the right to withdraw any discount applicable if full payment is not received by the required date.

Cancellation policy once full payment has been received:

  • Cancellation 1 month before the wedding – no refund.
  • Cancellation made after full payment received and up to 1 month before the wedding – 50% refund

Full payment made is a guarantee that you have read and understood our terms and conditions.

Delivery and Consumption of Wedding Favours

  • Delivery must be to the Wedding Party or a nominated recipient who must take responsibility for the Chocolates and Favour Boxes on their arrival.
  • Delivery will be no more than 2 days before the Wedding Day at an agreed date and location.
  • On arrival, Wedding Favours must be inspected immediately and any discrepancies must be notified to us by phone or email with 4 (four) hours of the delivery.
  • All Favour Boxes and Chocolates need to be stored overnight in a cool, dry place (not a refrigerator).
  • Once taken to the location of the reception, they need to remain stored in a cool dry place (not a refrigerator) and should not be placed onto the table setting more than 1 hour before the wedding breakfast is due to begin.
  • Signature on delivery of Wedding Favours is deemed to be agreement that the chocolates delivered meet your order requirements.
  • Please be advised that the chocolates must be consumed in accordance with the Best Before Date as stated on each Favour or Favour Box.

Delivery Charges and Timings

We always want your items to arrive in perfect condition, which is why we take enormous care with packaging and devote so much attention to the delivery of your order. Your Favours will be dispatched by courier as we do our utmost to ensure that your Favours are delivered in prime condition

  • Our delivery costs start at £25 and are dependent on the weight of your order.
  • We will confirm the cost with you once your final order is placed.
  • Free delivery within a 10 mile radius of Caerphilly.
  • There is no charge for collection.
  • Signature is proof of delivery and compliance with the above.