by Ellyse Enjay

    Luxury Handmade Chocolates     

Luxury Handmade Chocolates & Luxury Gifts 

A selection of Cofanetto Boxes, Ivory Cones, Tiffany Boxes, Heart Shaped Boxes, Bustina Pillow Boxes containing 3 chocolates of your choice, individually wrapped, finished with a colour bow of  your choice

Handmade Love Spoons made with White Chocolate, individually wrapped 

and finished with a colour bow 

of your choice

     A selection of Clear Favour Towers, Bustina Pillow Box, Clear Square Boxes 

containing 3, 6 or 8 or 9 chocolates of your choice, individually wrapped

      finished with a colour bow of  your choice

An Organza Bag containing 3 chocolates of your choice, individually wrapped and 

finished with a small contrasting bow 

Double Heart Lollies in White Chocolate and 

Smiley Face Lollies in White Chocolate with Milk Chocolate eyes, individually wrapped and 

finished with a colour bow of your choice. 

Initials can be added for an extra charge.

Chocolates Only
If you already have your Favour Boxes, we will be happy just to supply the chocolates, which will be sent individually wrapped and clearly labelled with the flavour.
Prices can be viewed on our Webstore

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